The tarot card called The Tower

I just know if I were still reading Tarot, the card I would certainly have pulled would be the Tower. This card indicates a crumbling of existing norms and the beginnings of a new order. You have to admit that that describes what’s going on these days. 

We need ferocious guard dogs in situations like this. Olive is ready!

 Everything around us appears to be insane. Images of events we could never have imagined are appearing on the nightly news. We see rows of temporary field hospitals in places like California and even in Lenoir, North Carolina, because the numbers of cases of Covid have swelled beyond the capacity of hospitals. Still, the numbers of people around the world, but especially in the US, who are dying every few minutes continue to rise. People thumbed their noses at warnings and pleas not to travel or gather over the holidays, and as predicted, numbers are soaring.

The green cabinets in Abby’s kitchen

Then, of course,  there were the unbelievable scenes unfolding at the nation’s Capitol. Armed Americans wearing tactical gear and Camp Auschwitz tee shirts and waving flags stormed the Capitol. They attacked policemen trying to protect our leaders and even intended to take hostages and possibly hang politicians they didn’t like, even Mike Pence. They saw themselves as patriots and whipped up by the speech of our President, they were determined to overturn the election by force. He instructed them to “Be strong,” and they were, inflicting damage and injuring other Americans. They threw police down and hit and kicked them, killing one. There are threats now that these thugs and others like them are going to try to create more mayhem. 

Abby’s new front door
I planted three citrus trees in the window to cheer things up.

Is there a bright side to all of this? We need a bright side! Yes. When existing norms fall apart, new, better ones will replace them. Better days are coming. Even though the roll-out is disorganized, vaccines are getting into people’s arms. We hope this marks the beginning of the end of the virus. The President has been impeached for his actions, and a new President will be inaugurated in a short time. Fresh start! The FBI is rounding up and arresting the offenders and some of them are sitting in jail cells, including one Looney  who is shocked to learn he can’t get organic food in the slammer.

This is an actor who has fled LA for a bit to escape the Covid

But in our family, things are moving along in the most perfect way! Little Baby Max is doing well and growing out of his newborn onesies. Crazy Olive, the trusty wonder-dog, is loving life and keeping us laughing. And Abby’s house is transforming from an ugly ducking into a swan. In the past weeks the depressing junky panelling has been painted white, making the living room and kitchen appear to grow in size. The bedroom panelling has been painted a soft grey which has transformed the spaces. A beautiful new front door has replaced the flimsy one that was there. Abby’s painted green cabinets have been set in the kitchen, and Ron and Abby have selected live-edge Maple for the counter tops. 

His girlfriend from LA, also an actor

Abby is disappointed that her new windows won’t be here for a couple of months, but I am thrilled that she will be staying with us that much longer. It’s so great to have her with us. She is a wonderful cook and so much fun!

These blooming Amaryllis plants make the shop happy

I urge you to Be Strong, but just in the sense of taking precautions against Covid and staying positive in this uncertainty. Don’t do anything crazy!