Mother’s Day

Mom deserves a crown for putting up with you

My mother was a rebel on the surface but a traditionalist at heart. She called Mother’s Day a Hallmark Holiday and said she refused to participate in an event that was a capitalist invention. One year my sister and I took her at her word and bought her neither cards nor gifts for Mother’s Day. That morning she watched us expectantly for hours and finally asked us what we had planned for her for her Day. “Nothing,” we stated. “We have nothing for you, because Mother’s Day is a capitalist construct.”

She burst into tears, called us “Ungrateful,” and spent the rest of the day locked in her room. 

Bee’s Wax Candles

Don’t make the same mistake we did! Even if your mother tells you not to give her anything, make sure you let her know you are not Ungrateful. You don’t have to buy her a gift (although we have some killer gifts for moms at Chifferobe!) or send her a card, but do something!! 

Here are some of my suggestions:

If you are a chef, prepare a meal for your mother at her house.

If you live far away, be sure to at least call your mom and say the words, “I love you, Mom.”

If you live nearby, allow your mother to choose clothes for you and wear said clothes! Do not say, “These clothes look like something you would wear,” and give them back to her. 

If these seem to be very specific instructions, perhaps they are directed to specific people….Just sayin’. Regardless, they are all excellent suggestions. 

All cotton tops for summer

We do have killer gifts at Chifferobe. Some great gifts for your mom are mugs by Andrea Freeman. They are locally made and unique. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Or if your mom is a potty mouth, pottery by Qwerky Dirt is a good suggestion

Some of the mugs from Andrea Freeman


I just got in a line of amazing products from Provence that smell like heaven. Do not choose the dishwasher soap or the general cleaning spray even though they are great , (never get your mom gifts that involve housework!) but choose instead scented candles, diffusers, soap, or lotion.

Lovely, fragrant products from Provence

Plants are always a great idea and I have many from perennials to plant outside, to kokedamas to keep in a dish indoors. 

If your mom is a pain in your butt, I have many smarmy cards. Take your pick. But do not ignore this capitalist holiday.