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The weather outside on Thursday was frightful, but sitting here at the shop in front of an Edenpure heater watching the fat flakes of snow fall outside, I felt cozy. My friend Suzy just got back from a trip to Denmark where the design trend is called “Hygge” pronounced “heuw-guh” with lips pursed. It translates roughly to cozy, and it is my favorite way to decorate. I love fluffy throws, snug furniture, colorful rugs, candles and flowers. I love love love color and personal collections clustered on surfaces. You know this from being in Chifferobe, but naturally my house looks that way too.

So yesterday morning before it started snowing my friend Sheela stopped by for coffee and we were sitting on the comfy chairs by the front window basking in the sun, which was still streaming in (Hygge). Then a woman walked into the shop whom I have never seen before, but who must have been my twin, separated from me at birth. She was about my height with blood orange color hair, funky glasses, and colorful clothes. It was like we had checked in with each other in the morning to decide together what to wear, as I used to do with my best friend in junior high. I commented on how cute she was, and she returned the compliment. She was followed by her husband and shortly afterward by another short woman in funky clothes with purple hair and cowboy boots. I asked the redhead if they were together, and she said that she and her husband were together, but when she turned and saw the woman with purple hair, she admitted that they’re strangers. 

Andrea Freeman Pottery

We all looked at each other and laughed, because we were really cut out of the same mold. If the Three Stooges were short elderly women, we would be them. The redhead was named Maxine and was visiting from Evansville, Indiana. She showed me pictures of her Hygge house in Indiana. Every wall was a different bright color, and there were collections covering every surface. We talked about Indiana, and I asked them if they liked to eat vegetables. (You already know that Ron and his family do not eat green things.) Just then Ron walked in and he jumped into the fray. I learned something new today. There is a cultural difference between Northern Indiana and Southern Indiana. It’s not that different from the Confederates and the Yankees: mutual distrust and scorn. Southerners are called “Kentuckyites” by the Northerners, and the Southerners look down on the Northerners whom they call “Fat.”

The woman with purple hair is from Kernersville and is a friend of my friend Sheila Martin. They know each other from SAAFF. She was here to get Fairy Hair. We three all hit it off and had a wonderful time chatting. My day was warmed up considerably.

Sow True Sprouting Seeds

Something else that made my day was a visit from Suzanne Blumer and her daughter Anneliese. Suzanne owns the Sassafras Bookstore across the street. As you probably know, the store has been closed since early December when we had the big snow. The weight of the wet snow crushed the flat roof on the building, breaking the trusses and tearing a hole in the roof. The building was declared unsafe and neither business has been allowed to open since then. They missed out on the busiest part of the holiday season and are still unsure about when they will be able to reopen. The business owners of Sassafras and Poppy’s Popcorn met with the building owner, the engineers, and the contractors yesterday and discussed the situation. The trusses must be repaired and the building re-roofed, so the timeline is still unclear. Suzanne reported that there is a chance that they can get in in March to clean up, assess the damage, and possibly open up. I hope so! I really miss those folks, and I had to buy a coffee maker to make up for the coffee I can’t get at Sassafras. Even though I buy my beans at Dynamite, Sassafras coffee tastes so much better than mine.

Japanese-Style Wrap Aprons

My daughter Abby was here for about a week and together we went to an event in West Asheville on Sunday night. It was a fundraiser for the Women’s March this coming weekend. There were musical performances, poetry and essays read, and an amazing sense of connection among the maybe one hundred women at the event. I wished that my daughter-in-law and Granddaughter in Arizona had been there to share the positive vibe. My favorite singers were Tina and Her Pony, an Asheville duo. I liked them so much I bought a CD, even though I don’t have a player. I sent it and a “Girl’s Rule” tee shirt to Lizie, and hope she gets to march this weekend. Our Black Mountain march is at 10:00 on Saturday and has been planned by a group of Middle School girls with help from Sarah Vekasi. I hope to see you there!!