Sweet smelling bunney soap for the Easter basket

We started coming to from Charlotte to Black Mountain for the summer when my kids were very young. Back in those days the town was very different than it is today. There were few places to eat. There was Pepper’s down on Cherry Street where you could get a good grilled cheese sandwich and a Dr. Pepper. Across the street was a soda shop, and there was a pizza place where My Father’s Pizza is. The kids would walk from our rental house to a Hardees that was in front of where Tractor Supply is now when it was a Food Lion. My favorite spot back then was McDibb’s music venue where David LaMotte, David Wilcox, and The Billies, as well as other great musicians performed.I don’t remember what else was here, but it was very quiet, and on Sundays everything was closed. Even in Asheville it hard to find a place to eat on Sunday. 

David Shrigley is nuts! So funny

Now Black Mountain is exploding!  Where it used to be easy to find parking in town, people complain that they can’t find a place to park downtown any more. I thrive on change and am so happy to see the good changes that are happening. I knew that a big Glass Center was coming on State Street next to the yarn shop, but this morning I saw the construction crew installing something massive on the roof of the building. It’s going to be amazing!

Crow-lover’s platter

Sometimes growth and change aren’t easy, though. The Open Oven had a run-in with town building inspectors. The previous one okayed the addition of a roof eating area, which doubled the size of the restaurant. When the next inspector came on board, he discovered that the construction was done badly and that the addition did not meet code. Now the owners have to pay to remove the top floor. They are still open, though, so continue to support them and eat their great food.

Delicate, hand-painted Easter Eggs

It seems that every day new places to eat and drink are opening, and they are all so good. When customers ask me to recommend a place to eat lunch or dinner, I don’t know what to say. I assure them that they can’t go wrong, no matter where they choose. My favorite, of course is Bush Farm House, because my son Natty is the chef. 

The latest news I have heard is that the LEAF crew are holding a weekend Jazz festival here in Black Mountain in mid-July with quite a few venues to listen to music all over Black Mountain. They are expecting thousands of people to attend this fabulous event. Folks can buy a weekend pass or purchase tickets for individual venues. There will be food trucks and beer trucks and attenders will be permitted to carry alcohol in the street for the festival. It will be like being at the LEAF Festival only better because all the local businesses will also be open. I wonder how the little town of Black Mountain can handle such a big event, but we are getting used to being flexible, and it should be fun.

Colorful stack bracelets from France.