I Need Spring Tonic

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I was a skinny, unattractive child who looked like I had rickets and was an embarrassment to my mother. She was a proud woman and didn’t like the conclusions people might draw looking at my toothpick-thin, bowlegged little body. Maybe … Continued

A Short Drive to Crazy

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  Sometimes people come into our lives to help us, and sometimes they come to drive us crazy. I was the latter for my ex-husband, Alec. They say opposites attract, but there is such as thing as too opposite. We … Continued

Lorraine Contemplates Revenge

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  When they were finishing their coffee, Stephanie told Lorraine that she would feel bad killing Slim, even though she did consider him a worthless dirtbag, but if Lorraine wanted to simply torture Slim a bit, she would help. Slim … Continued

Lorraine and Stephanie Do Lunch

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Because it had been a while since she had heard from Lorraine, Stephanie Wilder closed Chifferobe at lunch time (there was so little traffic anyway) and made a date to meet Lorraine for lunch.  They agreed to meet at Foothills … Continued

The Happiness Project

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  I laid low this Sunday with a nasty cold and read another wonderful book sent by my daughter-in-law, Melissa. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin has been a bestseller, but like many things that others are aware of, I … Continued