Best Book

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One of the greatest joys of my life is when my children (and grandchildren) prove themselves better than I am, especially in areas I believe myself to be good at. And in the case of my three kids and both … Continued

Hey, Beautiful!

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After writing a bit about my father, several friends have remarked that he was very good-looking. I started thinking about extremely attractive people I have known and came to the realization that many of them are arrogant and entitled. It … Continued

Peek Under the Covers

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We are finally through with the holidays, which in spite of my vow to slow down and enjoy every minute, flew by in a flash. (By the way, I really do not like those dark blue holiday lights, especially when … Continued

Say Yes!

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To a wonderful Christmas! I sometimes fool myself by imagining that I can no longer be shocked by anything I hear, but I am always wrong. Listening to the news is cause for alarm. This morning as I drove to … Continued