Lorraine’s Wish List

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Lorraine made little clusters of dry weeds, rose hips, holly berries, pine cones, baby’s breath, and some hydrangea she had hung upside down last summer and dried. She tied these to her tree and made some popcorn balls and strings … Continued

Lorraine hears jingle bells

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Lorraine decided to decorate the apartment for Christmas, but she wanted to keep things low-key. She bought a small Christmas tree for twenty dollars at a lot across from the Monte Vista and lugged it upstairs to her place. She … Continued

Holy Holly Jolly!

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Some days traffic in the shop is slow to nonexistent. While it is always more fun when people come in, having a slow day provides me time to do projects uninterrupted. I have had a great time making the ornaments … Continued

Black (Mountain) Friday

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Happy Day After Thanksgiving. I am writing this newsletter the day before Thanksgiving, so I am NOT wishing I hadn’t eaten so much the day before. In fact I ate quite sparingly yesterday (Tuesday). I saved my appetite for dinner … Continued

Romance Blossoms over French Cheese

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Fred followed Lorraine the short distance between Dynamite Coffee House and 44 Cherry Street. They parked around back behind the Black Mt. Center for the Arts and walked through the gate of the high wood fence and into the backyard. … Continued

Lorraine Takes the Reins

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Lorraine was snug in her apartment at 44 Cherry Street. Fall was turning to winter, but the old-fashioned radiators worked like a charm, in spite of some loud banging noises every now and then. She had called her landlord, Barry, … Continued