Murphy for President!

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Dear Friends, I am reading a book called Fatal Grace by Louise Penny set in a small village outside Montreal called Three Pines. Aside from the murders that occur on a regular basis there and which form the basis for … Continued


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My good friend Janine Thoma and I trade book suggestions, and she highly recommended a biography called Gertrude Bell, Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations, by Georgina Howell. I had never heard of Bell, but her story should be … Continued

Grandpa was a Rolling Stone

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Huck Finn has been called the seminal American novel because Huck and Jim are always traveling, looking ahead at the next big thing. At the end of the story, when Huck is offered the comfort of staying at his aunt’s … Continued

The Zen of Simplicity

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It seems that many people I know are reading and following the advice in The Japanese Art of Decluttering. Is it the laid-back life in Western North Carolina that allows time to contemplate the need for simplifying our lives, or … Continued

I need tech therapy!

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Ask me when I feel old. Go ahead…ask!  All right. It’s when I have to learn to operate a new high-tech device. I don’t think most people even use the term “high tech” anymore, but to me I have to … Continued

Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is coming Sunday, and I always feel sentimental at this time of year. My mother died when I was a teenager, and she was very ill for years before that, so my sister Meri and I had to … Continued

Liberal Application of Febreeze

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The next day after her surprise visit from Peter, Lorraine spent the morning cleaning her apartment and spraying the couch with Febreeze to get rid of the smell Peter had left behind. She was disgusted with herself for encouraging him … Continued