Black Mt. News…of a sort.

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  Lorraine fluffed the embroidered velvet cushions on the sofa in her apartment at 44 Cherry Street and looked out the front window at Europa and Mountain Nest. “The more things change, the more they remain the same,” she thought. … Continued

Back to 44 Cherry Street

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  I think it’s time to take a break from my ramblings about Black Mt. developers and my dysfunctional childhood. I bore even myself at this point. So I will return to the amazing story of 44 Cherry Street, a … Continued

Take it Slow!

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  In an effort towards self-improvement, I have started taking more classes in exercise. Classes are essential in this regard, because left to my own devices I barely move. What do I do in my free time? I sit and … Continued

I dream of Janine

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  Last night I dreamed about my wonderful friend Janine Thoma. She is one of those people who is universally adored. We met many years ago when our sons were in kindergarten, taught together at Country Day, and have remained … Continued

Don’t Worry!

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  Sometimes when looking back, a person can see a single event as a metaphor for her entire life. Such an event occurred when we were at Rumbling Bald last week with the extended Davis family. I have a terrific … Continued

So confused!

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  As a self-described creative person, I require order and routine in my life in order to create, but as we all know, life is messy. Because I live in my head, people no-doubt think of me as disorganized, but … Continued

Carpe Diem

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  Every time I pass a wreck on the interstate I am reminded about how quickly and unexpectedly things change. You could be riding along on your way to have lunch with a friend at Rhubarb, or heading to work, … Continued

Now Playing…In your Mind’s Eye

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    A normal topic of conversation among my friends is centered around what we are reading lately. For example I am reading Scandinavian mysteries. I find them dark and eerie, even when they are set in midsummer when it … Continued