Hey, Beautiful!

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After writing a bit about my father, several friends have remarked that he was very good-looking. I started thinking about extremely attractive people I have known and came to the realization that many of them are arrogant and entitled. It … Continued

Peek Under the Covers

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We are finally through with the holidays, which in spite of my vow to slow down and enjoy every minute, flew by in a flash. (By the way, I really do not like those dark blue holiday lights, especially when … Continued

Say Yes!

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To a wonderful Christmas! I sometimes fool myself by imagining that I can no longer be shocked by anything I hear, but I am always wrong. Listening to the news is cause for alarm. This morning as I drove to … Continued

The Gypsy Life

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  When I was a child I wore the same costume every Halloween. I’d get colorful scarves, skirt and shawl and layer on the gaudy jewelry, especially jangly earrings. Not only was it an easy outfit to assemble, but it … Continued