Talking Shit

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    I love Christmas and especially the weeks leading up to it, as I have said before. At this time of year most people are holding their loved ones in their thoughts and planning to do something wonderful for … Continued


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I am listening to a book on CD in the car, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer, which blessedly has nothing whatever to do with Christmas. With all the sugary music and decorations everywhere, I fear … Continued

Holy Cow!

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A sweet friend loaned me a book on tape by David Duchovny, former heart-throb on The X Files, called Holy Cow!  Duchovny reads the book himself in that same droll voice he used when lecturing  Scully about her skepticism around … Continued

We Shall Rise

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http://www.facebook.c   Like you, I have been reeling from the recent events in Las Vegas, and added to that, I had some  horrible news about the sudden death of a young friend. It makes putting one foot in front of … Continued