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Black Mountain Presbyterian Church has been sponsoring Wednesday evening talks by the remarkable Corrie Greene this winter and spring. Corrie was a professor at Montreat College until the school took a sharp turn to the right and required teachers to sign certain testimonies, and Corrie said no and left teaching. Her departure was a tremendous loss to the school and to the many students who have since been deprived of her brilliance and her vibrant teaching skills. As a comment on how miserably teachers are paid, Corrie says she makes more money as a manager at Blue Ridge Biscuit than she did at Montreat! 

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The first series we went to was about the relationship between medieval Arthurian knighthood and modern day racism. A major issue she pointed out was the way we assign people the status of “other” and value their lives as “less than” ours in the way that knights were of higher status than others.  An example she gave was how we abuse the bodies of primarily low income and Black athletes for the entertainment of middle class sports fans in college and professional sports. Colleges recruit talented Black athletes and in some cases push them through an academic program solely so they bring fans and profits to the athletic program. Too many of these athletes are badly injured and suffer for the rest of their lives.

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The next series we attended was about the relationship between C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and how each benefitted the writing of the other. Corrie enhanced our knowledge of both these iconic writers and explored their attitudes towards spirituality, love, and warfare. 

Now we are attending a series on Avarice and how it is the sin that feeds all other sins. Corrie is a Chaucer scholar and used The Pardoner’s Tale as an illustration of this theory. I have taught Canterbury Tales at Country Day and at the Juvie facility but wish I had had the benefit of Corrie’s insights to make the book come into more vivid focus for my students. It’s clear that she is a huge Chaucer fan and she communicates well why we, her students, should be fans as well. Her enthusiasm and intensity bring medieval literature to life and it becomes relevant in today’s world. Corrie has recently returned from Britain where she did research in Oxford and Wales, and she has handled some of the rare volumes she talked about. Ordinarily I would be only remotely interested in handling a dusty book even by Chaucer, but imagining that book through Corrie’s eyes, the information made me so jealous!

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Corrie’s presentation skills are so good that she could make even the most disinterested student sit up and pay attention. I love it that Black Mountain Presbyterian Church offers programs like these. The church feeds parishioners in so many ways. Wednesday nights are also a weekly spaghetti supper for the whole church. The church feeds its members and anyone else who cares to attend physically, intellectually, and spiritually. I am not a member of this church but feel profoundly welcomed every time I show up. Thank you, Black Mountain Pres.!

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