Betsy and her Roseville Pottery

Betsy Davis started out as a loyal customer of Chifferobe and has become a friend. She has exquisite taste and knows her own style well. Betsy spots an object and knows immediately if it works for her hand made home. Her style is quirky and colorful, and her home expresses her personality. It could be no one else’s home. There is nothing generic or ordinary in it.  

Betsy’s Beautiful Ragdoll Cat

The first thing Betsy bought from Chifferobe was a great colorful hand made coffee table. She bought it when we were in the old store in the courtyard and it still holds a place of honor in her great room. The table is unusual in shape and color, with fat turned and painted legs and a higher than average height, but it works perfectly. She loved it at first sight, but had a case of buyers remorse before she saw it in her home. She thought it might be the wrong size, but once it was delivered and in place, she was delighted, because her keen eye had not failed her and the table worked. 

The first thing Betsy bought at Chifferobe: Hand Made Table

It’s difficult to pin down what to call Betsy’s style, except to call it unique. She calls her style rustic but clean and orderly. She loves art and supports local artists and crafts people. Her home is brimming with local art arranged in eye-catching vignettes. She loves antiques and doesn’t let chippy paint or wear keep her from selecting a piece. Well-crafted built-ins serve as a quiet backdrop to the art which holds center court. She loves the whimsy of Alan Kaufman’s work and the elegance of Ursula Goebels-Ellis’s ceramic work. There is so much to see that the eye can’t stop moving. The eye is drawn upward towards the vaulted ceiling with its unique stone-covered beams. 

Hand Made Ceramics by Ursula Goebels-Ellis on Bottom Shelf

One object in her home is a ceramic drawer by Mangum Pottery she uses as a holder for coffee things. She spotted it under a pile of stuff at a resale shop and pulled it out. The shopkeeper told her that the piece was for display and not for sale, but Betsy persisted. She simply had to have it. After some going back and forth, the item was hers. She brought it to the Magnum studio and they identified it as a single drawer from a very large ceramic dresser they had made for a family in Little Switzerland, and they were all left wondering how that one little drawer came to be alone and in a resale shop.

Her hand made home is not large, but feels open and airy despite the large number of beautiful objects that adorn it. 

Antique Rake on Old Painted Door: Hand Made