New garlands for the New Year

I’m feeling Grinchy today. I really love the Christmas season with people smiling and humming along to Christmas tunes. Customers bringing in long lists of loved ones to buy gifts for. And then finding items for themselves and treating themselves to them even though they are consumed with guilt. “I’m supposed to be looking for gifts for others!” But when else do people spend so much time combing through shops? Inevitably you will see something you can’t live without. I’m always pleased when people succumb to their desires. Too often I have passed up something I really loved, but when I went back for it, it was gone. (Truth be told, that happens most of all at Hopey’s where instead of buying all the saffron for $1.99, I buy only a few. When I return, all the saffron is long gone!)

Moth Garland

Being in retail, though, I first get tired of Chestnuts Roasting, and Santa Claus coming to town. Some days as a change of pace I play Tony Bennett or almost anything else on my Amazon Echo. Even Alexa got snippy with me during Christmas.. One day she wouldn’t play the usual holiday songs and no matter what I asked for, nothing would play. Finally she babbled a message in gibberish,  I was so frustrated that snapped, “Alexa! Speak English.”

She responded with a sneer, “Stephanie, I speak very good English!” Yikes! Even she was sick of Christmas music. Then she resumed playing Pentatonix Christmas, as if we hadn’t had that little tiff. 

Sarah Draws Things

This year I had a nasty cold close to Christmas and was so tired that I barely made it though the workday. I missed a few parties that I had been dying to attend, but frankly I wish people would spread out their parties so they are not so close together. Deep in February, March, we will be thinking that someone should hold a fancy party!

Overall the Christmas season, even though it is full of charm, is exhausting and I am happy to see the end of it. I feel as if I have been on one of those playground spinning things they have outlawed because they are too dangerous, and I have flown off and hit the paved surface, my head spinning. 

All Christmas Merch Half Price!

Now we are at the end of another year. New Year’s Eve is a nonstarter for me. When my kids were little we would take them out for Chinese food, then go home and try to stay up to watch the ball drop. Ron and I haven’t made it to midnight in years, though! 

Nonetheless, I wish us all a very Happy New Year! Good health and the end of wars are my wishes. Also increased stewardship of the environment. Again, Happy New Year!

Max is Three!!!