I need all the cuss word pottery this week

Ever have one of those weeks? Well, this week has been horrible, so I feel the need to whine.

First thing that happened was me versus the internet. The internet won. I was trying to pay a bill for a foolish purchase we made in Mexico. I had the money in my Bank of America account that sits there unused since the branch in Swannanoa closed. Because I no longer have a credit card from BOA, the system wouldn’t let me transfer money. I tried every way I could , but finally after two days of fretting, I told the people in Mexico I would put an actual check in the mail.

Car troubles….

It the midst of all this struggle, I was pulling into the parking area beside Chifferobe, late for a Zoom meeting, and was startled by Rick who had been watering some plants, turning the hose on the driver’s side window in a gigantic rush. I jumped and the car swerved and hit a big post, tearing up the side of the car. Sometimes jokes are not funny.

Still upset by the body damage to the car, I was heading to Asheville for an eye doctor appointment at 2:00 (I had already been there at 10:00, but was told I was early. My appointment was at 3:10) when the lights on the dashboard of the car were going crazy. Everything was red. “Pill over immediately and turn off the engine! Danger, danger!”

New shipment of Saga clothes from Italy. Come get your fresh cottons and linens.

I pulled over on the narrow shoulder of I-40, but felt the car rock as every vehicle sped by. Not safe, I thought, so I crept along until I was able to get off at the next exit, fully expecting the engine to either burst into flame of seize up. Called Ron and then the insurance company, who send a tow truck to take the car to the dealership on Airport Road.

Wonderful Saga Tops.

The mechanic called me yesterday with the news: luckily the car would be easy to repair. There were leaks in two hoses connected to the coolant, and they will be replaced. Also, my brakes were dangerously low and they will fix those. I started to breathe easier until he told me the estimated cost of the repair: $2200!!!!

That’s what I get for buying a luxurious German car. 

And then, of course, there’s the horror in Ukraine.

Things can only get better, I hope!