You may remember the name Joyce Black-Woerz from an earlier newsletter where I featured her home in my series featuring Handmade Homes. If you live in Black Mountain you will certainly know her as an active member of the beautification committee, a master gardener, and a major supporter of all things Black Mountain. While I was at Joyce’s house photographing just a few of the eye-catching details, she pulled out a folder of work she had done not long ago, and I fell in love with the series. 

Back in the Garden; Eden Revisited features watercolor paintings in exquisite detail of portraits of people she found in vintage photographs. She sets them in sepia tones in the center of a riot of color in a garden. A snake appears in each image, but in this case, the snake represents not temptation but healing as in Native American iconography. 

I thought this series would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, 2021. The paintings show loving couples surrounded by growing things. We are all searching for healing right now, and look to nature to provide sustenance. I am calling this show “Healing in the Garden.”

The exhibit opens Saturday, but will remain up for the rest of the month. Come by to experience the work. We will not have an opening party because of the covid crisis, but ask me for a glass of wine when you come in and we can have our own private opening!

Abby’s house is almost habitable and she is already inviting people for dinner. Why does this behavior seem familiar to me? There are two particular traits I seem to have passed on, like it or not. One is being an overachiever, and the other is being a worrier. Each of these produces stress, but together they lead to sleepless nights. 

The details of the house are going in, and the house looks charming. I love the light fixtures Abby chose and the ceiling fans Ron found for her. The floor in the bathroom is an economical solution to Abby’s desire for a colorful yet simple floor tile. Ron was able to construct closet doors for her big closets providing a good hiding spot for clutter. As the pieces come together, Abby is more and more excited about moving in. Her stuff has been housed in a storage unit in Asheville and she is excited about seeing it again and placing it in her new home. This weekend is when the move will occur. I will photograph her progress!

The windows are still back-ordered, but the house is snug and warm even with the old windows in place. Abby can’t wait for the new windows, so she will be moving out of our house sooner than I would like. I will miss her conversation over coffee in the morning, her great cooking, and her help with cleaning up. I know she is moving just around the corner, but it just won’t be the same!