Outsider Art by Sarah Britt
This original drawing by Sarah Britt of Morganton is titled Winning at the Carnival. It is one of several unique, colorful works by Sarah that I bought in Morganton at the art center where she works. This one is framed and 9X12.
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Rare Antique Tea Cannister
I am so happy to have this antique tea canister in the shop so I can look at it everyday until it sells. It is just the sort of thing that resonates with me: strong color, bold graphics, and lots of age. It was used tostore loose tea in an old general store.
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Hand-blown Goblets
We found these hefty hand-blown goblets as we poked around a cute town in Michigan called Williamston. It's outside East Lansing where we were visiting Ron's daughter who works for MSU. It was bitter cold and I didn't want to leave the warmth of the glass blowing studio until I purchased all the goblets they had.
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Origami Bags
Enjoy using these capacious cloth bags fabricated in California from Indian textiles. Recycled Saris are hand-stitched together to provide a lightweight, yet durable fabric.
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Large Wicker Trunk
Great large wicker trunk in excellent condition. It's about three feet high and four feet long. It screams Ralph Lauren to me!
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Turkish Cotton Towels
Large, luxurious bath sheets of long-fiber Turkish cotton: $24, Lighter weight hand or dish towels: $14
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denim bag
Denim Origami Bags
At last! A light weight, yet capacious bag that is unique and beautiful and doesn't sport someone else's initials on it!
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Antique Santero Figure, 1860

Antique Santera Figure
We fell in love with this handmade antique Santero figure of the Madonna and Child. She has a sweet face and a beautiful costume of velvet over carved wood. The baby is a cute blonde Jesus with curly hair and blue eyes. He is the early version of that blonde Jesus in all those paintings!
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New Mugs by Asheville Artist, Andrea Freeman
Andrea Freeman wins the prize for the most adorable mugs in Asheville and also the mugs most guaranteed to put you in a good mood!
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old crockery
Old English Jam Crocks with labels
Charming English Antique Jam Jars add a country look to any setting.
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Primitive red and green stools
Painted primitive stools
Stack these primitive stools with their original worn paint for maximum effect!
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Early set of Lyre-back painted side chairs
A once-in-a-lifetime set of six antique painted Pennsylvania lyre-back chairs. Beautiful decoration and excellent condition.
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Gypsy Cabinet
A charming antique painted red cabinet that looks like it comes from a cottage in the Alps.
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Antique Hungarian Trays
Bright colorful antique trays make me think of romantic images of gypsy wagons.
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Handmade Siver and stone Concho Bracelets
Gorgeous handmade sterling silver bracelets for the rugged man in your life.
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Carved Folk Art Figures
Lonely? Add this fun-loving pair of figures to your home to keep you company.
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Intricate Porcelain Figures from Occupied Japan
Charming old-fashioned figures from Occupied Japan. Bring the 1940's to your home!
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Vintage 1940’s Tomatoes
Vivid red tomatoes to bring summer color to your kitchen in every season.
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Very Old Moroccan Berber Bowl
Carved wooden bowl handmade by Plains Indians is 15" across. In excellent condition for its age, but shows signs of wear. On the interior near the lip are repairs made from rusted iron patches preventing the bowl from splitting further.The bowl is 9" tall.
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Eccentric Bench
We love the handmade twig and slab furniture made by Madison County's Brendan Lafferty. He uses rough-hewn wood and branches of rhododendron to construct his one-of-a-kind pieces. I told him that his prices are too low, though. Grab his stuff before he raises his prices!
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