Large Wicker Trunk
Great large wicker trunk in excellent condition. It's about three feet high and four feet long. It screams Ralph Lauren to me!
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Antique Santero Figure, 1860

Antique Santera Figure
We fell in love with this handmade antique Santero figure of the Madonna and Child. She has a sweet face and a beautiful costume of velvet over carved wood. The baby is a cute blonde Jesus with curly hair and blue eyes. He is the early version of that blonde Jesus in all those paintings!
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Gypsy Cabinet
A charming antique painted red cabinet that looks like it comes from a cottage in the Alps.
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Carved Folk Art Figures
Lonely? Add this fun-loving pair of figures to your home to keep you company.
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Intricate Porcelain Figures from Occupied Japan
Charming old-fashioned figures from Occupied Japan. Bring the 1940's to your home!
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Vintage 1940’s Tomatoes
Vivid red tomatoes to bring summer color to your kitchen in every season.
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Very Old Moroccan Berber Bowl
Carved wooden bowl handmade by Plains Indians is 15" across. In excellent condition for its age, but shows signs of wear. On the interior near the lip are repairs made from rusted iron patches preventing the bowl from splitting further.The bowl is 9" tall.
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WWII poster
Original Antique WWI Poster
This original antique WWI poster comes framed in a new frame which measures 16X22.
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wool rug
Heavy Wool Rug from China
Heavy all-wool rug from China beside your bed will warm and cushion your feet when you jump out of bed.
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Fabulous, colorful bags to carry everything from laptops to library books.
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chinese platter 2
Antique Chinese Platter

Twelve inch across Chinese platter is hand-painted in gorgeous shades of green, pink, red, and orange. I am not sure of its age, but it is definitely old. The condition is excellent. I bought this piece from the estate of … Continued

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antique mustache cups
Jumbo Antique Mustache Cups
Antique mustache cups in like-new condition would make a great gift for your friend with a well-tended mustache. They are just over 3" high and 3" across with ceramic 'stache protectors inside the lip.
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Antique rustic garden table

I wish I had a place in my house for this great, old table. It has a vaguely Asian flair and very graceful lines.

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bird cage
Bird Cage
Wonderful old bird cage with original blue-green paint.
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doll res
Antique doll head

Adorable antique doll head with old ruffled bonnet

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Pillow Made From Old Quilt
Colorful pillows handmade from a funky antique quilt. Every one of them is different.
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