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44 Cherry Street: Continuing Saga of Black Mt.

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New Neighbors on Cherry Street:     Lorraine was in her apartment checking her email for winks from prospective suitors, when she heard some loud banging coming from downstairs. Suzi started barking like crazy, so she decided she’d better take … Continued

The Malling of America

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My friend Rebecca Williams was just here and asked the question, “What happened to people’s unique sense of taste?” She started me thinking about how much uniformity has taken over the country. Surely, the problem started with the rise of … Continued

44 Cherry Street: Cheep, cheep

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Lorraine stood at the entrance of City Bakery torn between leaving in a huff and eating some pastry, which beckoned to her from the bakery case. She was on a diet, as usual, but in situations like this, where she … Continued

Do you believe in Angels?

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      When I lived in Charlotte, there was a New Age Resource Center around the corner on East Boulevard. They carried books, supplies, and candles, and they also had speakers from out of town. I was just getting … Continued

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